From the owners of L2 Lindvior and L2 Aurakyria, comes Skellrus! The first Classic 2.0: Saviors OFF Server in LA!

BIG LAUNCH: 15 / 02


XP/SP | x6

Adena | x4

Drop/spoil | x2

Quests | x1

Raid Boss drop | x1

Clan Hall Rent | x3

Offline Trader

Anti-hack/bot Systems

Server Features

Experience Classic

Relive the old days of the acclaimed game Lineage 2! Create your character using one of the original 5 races and 31 classes, grinding experience, gearing your character up, competing to make yourself a name in our great community, and for dominating a server that is truly worth it!

100% Retail


Our server will not have modifications or customizations. We will be using the retail setting of the original version of the game.

100% Features


Our OFF files guarantee that all the features of the Saviors chronicle will be working. From the new skills to the massive PvP event in ToI / LoA, and the unseal of sets A-Grade using the Heavenly Rift, you will have the whole game at your disposal.

Updates over time


We have the ability to upgrade the chronicle to all its following versions. Throughout the year, and following the rhythm that we believe most convenient, Skellrus will be updated chronicle to chronicle, without ever resetting the progress of the players.


We do accept donations, but our ingame shop offers nothing that could give an unfair advantage for donators over the rest. Instead of gear, unbalancing items, and unhealthy monetization schemes, we only offer cosmetic items, quality-of-life stuff and a single (and extremely cheap) VIP status for 30% EXP/SP, which can also be obtained ingame by getting coins for Adena!

Play safe and sound: Our server is hosted in the USA, with an optimized connection for all of America, Europe and Eastern Asia, and protected by the best anti-DDoS defense systems in the market.

Our team of specialists are able and willing to assist you with any questions and problems you may have. We are available 24/7, regardless if it's Day 1, or months after server launch!

What are you waiting for, in order to be part of one of the biggest L2 communities?